At Murano Glass Art Collection, importing Art Glass from some of the most renowned Master Glassblowers in Murano Italy is our passion.  We have spent more than 25 years exploring the tiny island of Murano outside of Venice, long recognized as the birthplace of Art Glass.  We do not simply buy Murano Glass Birds, Vases or Sculpture; we commission renowned Master Glassblowers such as Andrea Tagliapietra and Oscar Zanetti to be part of our team.  Working closely together, they transform our knowledge and passion for current art and fashion trends into classic and contemporary one-of-a-kind sculptures our collectors love.  While we may commission up to 20 pieces on a particular theme, because each piece is made by hand using a medium that changes every moment, no two pieces will ever be alike.

Murano has been synonymous with extraordinary glassblowing since before the 10th century.  Murano Glass has been collected and, in many cases, worn by some of the world's best known historical and fashion characters throughout the centuries.  This beautiful tradition has been passed down from generation to generation, with each new artisan adding their own personal touch to the carefully orchestrated dance between blowpipe and molten glass.  Getting to know these master craftsmen and watch them transform a simple material into a sensual vessel that holds both interest and objects has been one of our greatest gifts.  Part of our goal is to help support these Master Glassblowers and keep the waning tradition of Murano Glass (Venetian Glass) alive.

The Murano Glass Art Collection also includes Art Glass from glassblowers in Lithuania, Romania, Poland, and the Czech Republic.  Like the artists in Murano, these well respected craftspeople focus on the smallest of details to create timeless, sought-after works of Art Glass.

WE'RE HAPPY TO HELP YOU CHOOSE.  While we are intimately familiar with each artist and each piece of work they create, we know it's easy to be confused by the wonderful enormity of Art Glass options available.  Which is why we encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have.  Let us be your Art Glass consultants.  By learning more about your interest and experiences, we will make your Murano Glass Art Collection shopping experience a memorable one.